Business Planning

Las Vegas Business Planning Lawyers

When it comes to business planning, you need to make sure your future is protected. From business formation to succession planning, you want to come up with the right plan to manage your business. At the Las Vegas Law Firm of JEFFREY BURR, we offer counsel in a variety of business planning areas in order to help you overcome today's challenges while meeting your future goals.

The first step in business planning is to decide what type of entity you will operate under. By creating a business entity, you give yourself protection. The entity you choose can act as a shield to protect you from liability so that only the entity's assets can be reached in the event of a lawsuit. We will help you consider all your options for business entity formation, including:

Once you have chosen your business entity, you should carefully maintain it and operate it to protect your interests in all business transactions. We will be there to protect your best interests by helping you enter into buy-sell agreements and other vital agreements. If a dispute should arise, we can help you reach a resolution that meets your long-term goals.

We will also help you prepare for the future by looking at asset protection options and help you consider business succession planning. The sooner you start preparing for the future, the more you can do to protect your business and your family.

Taxation is one of the most important issues facing your business. We will help you select a tax efficient entity that will minimize your tax consequences now and in the future. At the Law Firm of JEFFREY BURR, our estate planning attorneys are either CPA’s or have advanced degrees in business or taxation. From entity formation to business succession planning, we will help you understand the tax consequences of your transactions and deal with them appropriately.

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