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Client Focus Newsletter Fall 2017 Welcome Derek and Kendal What Millenials Need to Know About Estate Planning Learn From Celebrities' Estate Planning Blunders
Estate & Tax Matters Summer 2017 Becoming a Resident of Nevada California's "Springing" Estate Tax California Prop 13 - Trap for the Unwary
Client Focus Newsletter Summer 2017 Changes proposed by Trump could open up big estate planning opportunities Dangers of outright Distributions The Nevada Passport Trust®
Estate & Tax Matters Summer 2016 The Gift of Asset Protection: Using a Living Trust to Preserve Your Beneficiary’s Inheritance Should I Simply My Existing AB Trust?
Client Focus Newsletter Winter 2016 Planning for Digital Assets Nevada LLCs That Own California Property Pre-Planning Your Funeral Working and Giving Together: The Benefits of Family Philanthropy


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Nonjudicial Settlement Agreements in Fiduciary Matters December 2018 Nevada Lawyer - by Kendal Weisenmiller, Esq.
Wealth Management: Setting and Obtaining Financial Goals May 2018 Nevada Business - Jeffrey Burr interviewed
Practicing Before the US Tax Court April 2018 Communique
Minimizing the Pain–Meet Southern Nevada's tax lawyers: Their job is to save you money and migraines February 4, 2013 Vegas, Inc.
2013 Estate Tax Changes Rock the Estate Planning World April 2014 Nevada Lawyer