Nevada Series LLC

Nevada is one of just a few states that allow for the formation of a "series LLC." The series LLC is a unique, flexible form of a limited liability company (LLC). The series LLC begins with the formation of a "container" LLC. The container LLC is formed to house various entities or "series" without requiring additional filings with the Secretary of State. In order to achieve optimum results, each series within the container LLC should operate independently and maintain separate books, records, bank accounts, operating agreements, etc.

The series LLC provides several benefits for companies with different profit centers, including:

  • The series LLC requires only one initial filing fee and one annual fee for the entire series.
  • The series LLC offers liability protection to each series. In other words, the debts, obligations and expenses incurred by one series are not enforceable against the assets of any other series or the container LLC.

The series LLC may be ideal for real estate investors, taxicab companies, trucking companies, franchisees, etc.

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