Just for Vets ~ Non-Service Related Pensions

Two little-known benefits available to vets or their widows are the Improved Pension and the Aid and Attendance Program. The Improved Pension is an asset and income based program available to vets or their widows whose assets and income are below certain levels as adjusted annually for inflation. The Aid and Attendance Program provides additional […]
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Comparison of Portability and Exemption Trust

Last week, I prepared and gave a presentation to the Financial Planning Association of Nevada on some of the details of the 2010 Tax Act and its impact on estate planning. One interesting thing that I came across in preparing my presentation was a comparison of an estate relying on the new portability provisions versus […]
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What Is a Trust?

Stupid question, right? Everyone knows what a trust is…or do they? Some people wrongly assume that a trust is an entity, like a corporation or limited liability company. While many states do recognize an organized business trust entity, the vast majority of trusts are not technically recognized as entities by the state. Simply stated, a […]
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