Last Will And Testament

Last Will and Testament Lawyers in Las Vegas

A Will is a legal document, which states the maker's directions regarding the disposition of his or her estate after death. The Will is essentially a roadmap through the probate process, and it provides for naming the person(s) responsible for overseeing the settlement of the decedent's estate, usually called the"executor."


  • The maker must be age eighteen (18) or older and of sound mind;
  • Typewritten Will: must be witnessed by two individuals;
  • Holographic Will: must be entirely in the handwriting of the creator, dated, and signed.


  • May designate beneficiaries and attach conditions to a bequest;
  • May designate the executor;
  • May designate a guardian of yourself and/or for minors;
  • May be revoked and amended;
  • May create a trust in the Will for spouse, minors and other beneficiaries.


  • Does not avoid probate;
  • Potential for Will contest.

Intestacy: A person who dies without a Will dies "intestate," meaning that his or her property is distributed according the state "succession" statutes. The state statute may distribute your property in a way that you might not have chosen.

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