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Who Is Going To Make Your Decisions?

If you had a car accident or a medical emergency and were unable to talk, who would make medical decisions for you? Does this person know what types of life support or end-of-life care you want? Have you memorialized your decisions in writing? Does your family know where to find these documents? And does your physician know of your wishes?

Most families will at some time need to make medical decisions concerning the continuing care of an incapacitated family member. Documenting your medical, legal and spiritual decisions is an essential part of your estate planning. Your family should have powers of attorney for health careliving wills, wallet cards, and your medical documents should be on file with your physician and registered with the Nevada Secretary of State.

At Jeffrey Burr, our experienced attorneys can assisted you and your family through all aspects of medical decisions and will memorialize your family’s care plans with the most current and up to date governmental documents. With proper planning, you can be assured that your end of life wishes will be honored.


Call us, we are here to help.

 - Attorney James M. O'Reilly