Nevada Department of Taxation

Nevada Sales and Use Taxes

The Department of Taxation has increased its audit and enforcement efforts involving State sales and use taxes and modified business taxes. If you or your business have outstanding State taxes, the Nevada Department of Taxation has unique tax procedures similar to IRS that allow taxpayers to resolve tax debts, such as Offers in Compromise and Installment Agreements.

The tax attorneys at JEFFREY BURR have extensive experience in dealing with the Nevada Department of Taxation with all facets of State taxes, including Modified Business Taxes, Sales and Use Taxes and the recently enacted Commerce Tax.

The Nevada Department of Taxation has the power to shut down your business and can use all kinds of techniques to force payment. Whatever your State tax issue, our firm is trained in the distinctions of Nevada State tax law and can help guide you through the process. Contact the tax attorneys at JEFFREY BURR if your business is facing a Nevada sales and use tax audit or has an outstanding balance due to the Nevada Department of Taxation.

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