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How Long Does Probate Take In Nevada?

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I often get asked how long it takes to complete a probate in Nevada. The answer is not always simple. The length of probate depends on a number of factors including, but not limited to: the size of the estate; the complexity of the assets; the family dynamics; and the caseload of the probate court.

In cases where the total estate assets are less than $100,000.00, Nevada law allows for a more streamline procedure that can be handled relatively quickly. However, even in these smaller probate estates, if a court hearing is required, there may be a long wait time before the court is available to hear your case. For example, in Clark County, hearing dates are set approximately four months from the date the court documents are filed. Other counties in Nevada with lower caseloads may have a shorter waiting period.

In estates over $100,000.00, a minimum of two court hearings are typically required in addition to a 60-90 day creditor period which runs in-between the first and second court hearing. In Clark County, a typical probate with assets over $100,000.00 will take approximately one year if everything goes smoothly. This timeframe can be extended significantly if there are delays in taxes, selling property or disputes between family members or other beneficiaries.

If you or any of your family members have questions about probate in Nevada, please reach out to our office.

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