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Many clients are under the impression that all estate planning documents made by a husband and wife are revoked upon a divorce.  While Nevada law contains provision to ensure that an ex-spouse does not inherit under the will, estate planning documents created during the marriage are not automatically revoked.  Estate planning documents can remain intact as to other beneficiaries named in the documents.  As a result, a failure to change estate planning documents post divorce can have devastating consequences.  In some unfortunate cases where documents are not changed prior to death, bequests can be unintentionally passed to a former spouse’s children or other relatives. 
After a divorce, it is important to update estate planning documents to reflect changes in circumstances.  Clients generally desire to change power of attorney agents and beneficiary distributions.  If you have not updated your estate planning documents since your divorce, please call our office to set up a free consultation to discuss how you can update your estate plan.
Attorney – Corey J. Schmutz