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Asset Protection and Divorce

If any of you are going through the unfortunate process of a divorce, it’s important that you preserve any asset protection planning you have done with our office by having special language included in the Marital Settlement Agreement and Divorce Decree regarding your Nevada On Shore Trust. Here is some sample language that we’ve used in the past:

“It is the intent of the parties to maintain, to the extent practicable, the integrity and the enforceability of the [NAME OF NOST], an irrevocable trust, for their mutual benefit. The parties acknowledge and understand that to effectuate the provisions of this agreement it may be necessary to effectuate trustee to trustee transfers between the above referenced trust rather than to either party individually under the terms of the respective trust, including but not limited to the specific section of the trust entitled “Trustee Actions”. The parties hereby agree to jointly seek an appropriate order from the Court authorizing such distribution to themselves as trustees.”

 - Attorney Jeffrey L. Burr