Estate Planning Essentials

You have likely spent many years accumulating wealth, establishing relationships and caring for your family.  Don’t let that all go to waste by neglecting to plan ahead. By carefully designing and establishing an integrated estate plan, your wealth, relationships and family will be protected. Approximately 55% of American adults do not have a Will or other […]
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Planning for Aging Parents and Family Pets

When putting together our estate planning, it is natural for us to plan for our descendants and other persons whom we wish to be benefitted by our legacy.  We may also want to include provisions for certain charitable organizations that are meaningful to us.  Our population is changing such that estate planning considerations are also expanding to […]
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LLCs v. Corporations

Both LLCs and Corporations can be utilized as part of an integrated estate plan to provide additional protection, flexibility and perpetuity.  It is important to know the primary differences between an LLC and Corporation so that you can choose which type of entity will best help you achieve your business and estate planning goals.  Three of the […]
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