IRS Announces 2015 Estate and Gift Tax Figures

Political junkies probably had a late night last night watching election results.  I’m actually tired from the night before; waiting for the IRS to announce updates to important 2015 tax numbers!  The IRS recently issued Rev. Proc 2014-61 which reveals many important tax figures, such as the standard deduction figure for income taxes, the child tax […]
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Asset Protection Update: The Trustee in a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Can Control and Sell Assets of a Nevada Single Member LLC

In a recent decision by the United States District Court, District of Nevada, in the case of In re Cleveland, that Court affirmed its position that a trustee in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy succeeds to all of a debtor’s rights in such debtor’s single-member LLC.  2014 WL 4809924 (D. Nev. Sept. 29, 2014).  These rights include the power to […]
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