The Reverse QTIP, Back In Drive

With portability, the estate tax concerns of most clients have been alleviated.  However, in some cases, the generation skipping transfer tax (“GSTT”) problem remains unsolved, because the portability provisions of Internal Revenue Code (“IRC”) § 2010(c) do not port or transfer the GST exemption of the deceased spouse (“Decedent”) to the surviving spouse (“Survivor”). Portability and […]
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Amending Your Trust

The main component of the estate plan for most people is a revocable living trust that they establish during their lifetime. When you create a revocable living trust, you can only plan for the present and for the near foreseeable future.  However, an unanticipated change in circumstances in your life may necessitate the amending of your […]
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Accessibility of Healthcare Documents

We encourage all of our clients to execute a healthcare power of attorney and a directive to physicians.  Under Nevada law, these two documents are the equivalent of a living will and are also sometimes known as an advanced care directive.  The names used from state to state and between different attorney’s offices can be confusing, but […]
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