Nevada Small Estate Probate Avoidance Statutes

In previous blog articles, I wrote about the importance of avoiding probate.  However, where probate is unavoidable, there are several provisions in Title 12 of the Nevada Revised Statutes that can alleviate the burden of a full probate proceeding where the estate is less than $200,000:  1.  Affidavit of Entitlement – NRS 146.080 allows estates with a […]
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NINGs, WINGs, and DINGs?

Estate planners in particular seem to love acronyms.  So what is a NING (aka WING or DING)? A NING is a Nevada Incomplete-gift Non-Grantor Trust.  It is an irrevocable trust where the trust is its own taxpayer (in contrast to most trusts that are formed as “grantor” trusts).  The Trust is taxed in the state where the trust is established instead of the state where […]
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