Estate Planning After a Divorce

Many clients are under the impression that all estate planning documents made by a husband and wife are revoked upon a divorce.  While Nevada law contains provision to ensure that an ex-spouse does not inherit under the will, estate planning documents created during the marriage are not automatically revoked.  Estate planning documents can remain intact as to […]
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The Definition of Permanent

In January and February of this year we blogged about the changes to the estate tax.   We may have even used the term ”permanent” in our January post.  Please forgive us.  While it’s true that the estate tax laws that were passed on January 1, 2013, do not contain an expiration date or sunset provision, the changes in […]
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Gift Tax Returns

As a result of last year’s rush to make substantial gifts before the gift and estate tax laws were set to change (which didn’t end up happening) our office is now faced with helping these same clients prepare and file their gift tax returns (Form 709).  Some clients prefer to defer to their CPA for preparation […]
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