Revocation Of Will as to Surviving Spouse

Under Nevada law, if an individual marries and has a Last Will and Testament that predates the marriage, a revocation of a Will as to the surviving spouse may take place when the individual dies in certain circumstances.  For example, under Nevada Revised Statute 133.110 if a person marries after making a Last Will and Testament […]
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Losing a Spouse or Parent

Not infrequently our office receives telephone calls from a distraught spouse or an adult child that there has been a recent death in the family. Invariably, the caller is overwhelmed with grief and has little idea or direction as to what needs be done. Our advice to the caller is always the same – take […]
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What is Probate

During a person’s lifetime, assets are generally owned in a person’s individual name.  After a death, title must be transferred from the decedent to  his or her beneficiaries.  Probate is the legal process of paying all debts and taxes and transferring title from a decedent’s estate to the beneficiaries.  This legal process includes: Appointing a personal representative (also known […]
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