Fiscal Cliff. Part 2.

As Jason, mentioned in his blog, we are writing more on the estate and gift tax consequences of the fiscal cliff.  While all of us are hopeful that there will be a political compromise with respect to both income and estate and gift taxes between now and year-end, it is likely that this will probably not […]
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No Contest Clauses

A no contest clause is a provision in an estate planning document that states that if a beneficiary challenges the legality of the estate planning document (or any part of it) then such a beneficiary will lose his or her share.  A no contest clause is intended to discourage beneficiaries from initiating frivolous lawsuits.   We are […]
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Advantages of a Living Trust

There has been a lot of discussion regarding the advantages of having a living trust, especially in terms of avoiding probate.  Probate can be a long costly process involving delays in gaining access to funds to pay bills and expenses, as well as making distributions of money and property to the heirs.  Another topic that has been […]
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