JB Elder Law – Seniors Living Together

The US Census Report has confirmed what we have all suspected; more and more seniors are living together without first getting married.  In fact the number of seniors age 65 and above living together has more than tripled in just the last decade.  Actual numbers may be even larger, considering the social taboos within the senior community […]
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New Nevada Probate Legislation

In its most recent session, the Nevada Legislature passed the “Independent Administration of Estates Act.”  The new act is intended to expedite the probate process in Nevada and reduce the administrative costs of probate by allowing the personal representative of the probate estate to act more independently. Although the Independent Administration of Estates Act still requires the court to supervise the probate […]
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A Case To Watch

In late March the US SupremeCourt will hear arguments on the constitutionality of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, commonly known as Obama Care. The stakes couldn’t be bigger.  Recognizing the significance of this case, the Supreme Court has allocated 5½ hours for oral arguments over 3 days, the most time allocated to a Supreme Court case […]
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