Series Limited Liability Company with a Nevada On-Shore Trust

Here in Nevada, we are lucky.  First, as far as natural disasters, we don’t have to worry about hurricanes, tsunamis, blizzards (at least here in Las Vegas).  Tornados are highly unlikely and we have no track record of regular earthquakes.  Second, we’re blessed with pretty decent weather most of the year.  Last but not least, we have the best domestic […]
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Irrevocability – Not What You Might Think

There are many types of Trusts that exist under the law.  Trusts can be either revocable or irrevocable.  A revocable trust allows the Grantor of a trust to transfer property into the trust with the unrestricted ability to undo such transfer by transferring the property from trust and even terminating such trust.  In other words, the Grantor is not required […]
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