Asset Protection and Divorce

If any of you are going through the unfortunate process of a divorce, it’s important that you preserve any asset protection planning you have done with our office by having special language included in the Marital Settlement Agreement and Divorce Decree regarding your Nevada On Shore Trust. Here is some sample language that we’ve used in the past: […]
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Mark’s Theory of Large Numbers

Through years of working with people in their estate planning and financial matters, I have come to conclude that we as humans may understand that the number 1,000,000 is a fairly large number; however, when we see the number 10,000 we think that is a large number as well. We see them both as large […]
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Top 5 Reasons To Use An Attorney

The following posting is borrowed from the May 2011 issue of Vegas PBS Source Magazine, as written by Attorney David M. Grant: “It can seem daunting when beginning the process of making out a last will & testament, revocable trust, and powers of attorney. As one starts down this important, yet often intimidating course, increasingly […]
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