The Big Fish

Central on the mind of estate planners around the country is the status of the federal estate tax. Firms around the country, including our own, have made changes to clients’ plans to take into consideration the possibility that if a client with an otherwise taxable estate were to pass away during 2010 prior to Congress […]
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Estate Plans Come in All Sizes

Many times people will tell me they don’t need to prepare estate planning documents because they don’t have an “estate.” My response is simply, “you don’t have to have a significant amount of assets to need an estate plan.” Take a moment to ask yourself the questions below to see if you need to consider […]
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Two More FLP Cases: Taxpayers Prevail Both Times

While litigation never ceases in the family limited partnership (“FLP”) area of tax law it is exciting to report on two recent taxpayer victories. First Victory—Estate of Samuel P. Black, (TC, Dec. 2009). In this case, the decedent set up an FLP—Black, LP—and then transferred stock in a corporation (“Erie”), which was also his employer, […]
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