More on the Handling of One’s Remains

Often times with the passing of a loved one, handling the burial and final disposition of the loved one’s remains can become a point of contention if there has not previously been clear direction provided on how this is to be handled. In the absence of specific instruction, funeral homes may require a court order […]
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Asset Protection in Nevada: a Diversion from the Current State of Estate Tax

In Nevada’s most recent legislative session, significant changes were made to NRS 166,Nevada’s statute governing asset protection trusts. We believe these changes, which became effective on October 1, 2009, further validate Nevada’s asset protection trusts, or Nevada On-shore Trusts (NOSTs), as legitimate and effective asset protection and wealth preservation tools. Some highlights of the recent […]
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Undue Influence on the Elderly

As part of our trust and estate litigation section we have encountered an increasing number of elder exploitation cases wherein a person in a confidential relationship (son, daughter, caregiver, close friend) uses this relationship of trust to influence an elderly individual to execute dispositive instruments leaving the bulk of the elderly individual’s estate to the […]
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