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Estate planning attorney David M. Grant, who is also a member of the Vegas PBS Planned Giving Council, recently wrote an article for the July 2010 issue of the Vegas Source Magazine, entitled “What is Gift Planning?”. In his article, Mr. Grant explains the benefits of planning for charitable gifts. He says too many people make gifts “…on the spur of the moment, under the impulse of peer pressure, or for very narrowly understood reasons.” He goes on to state that “gifts made with a plan, on the other hand, ensure that both the giver and the receiver realize their goals in a meaningful way,” and that “through effective planning, your gifts can:

  • Be larger than you thought possible;

  • Increase your current income;

  • Help you satisfy the financial needs of a spouse or loved one;

  • Provide inheritances for your heirs at a reduced tax cost;

  • Reduce your income tax liabilities and/or avoid capital gains tax;

  • persify your investment portfolio;

  • Assist in the transfer of your business; and

  • Leave a charitable legacy for, and demonstrate your values to, future generations.”

Members of the Vegas PBS Planned Giving Council are community leaders with integrity and professional expertise in the areas of tax law, investments, and charitable transfer techniques.