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Short-term Guardian for Minor Children

Are you sending the kids to camp this summer?

Do you have plans for a vacation without the children?

Do not forget to provide the necessary paperwork for the temporary caregivers to be able to make decisions for the child. An example of when this guardianship might be helpful is if the child was to get sick or injured while in the care of the guardian – this would enable the guardian to make decisions for the minor’s care. Hospitals or Doctors might otherwise hesitate to provide the services until they first make contact with the parent. In extreme circumstances, such a delay could be costly.

Nevada Revised Statutes Section 159.205 allows the child’s parents or parent to appoint a temporary guardian of the child. This does not require court approval but must be in writing and the parent’s signature must be notarized. The maximum term for this type of guardianship is six (6) months.