Income Tax Planning

Las Vegas Income Tax Planning Attorneys

Federal Income Tax law can be both fascinating and frustrating. Income tax affects almost everyone in a very real and direct way; however, the Internal Revenue Code and the seemingly endless regulations can be difficult to understand. Additionally, because Congress makes changes to the law every year, new challenges are constantly arising for both taxpayers and their advisors.

Our firm is familiar with individual, corporate, estate, and fiduciary income tax issues and can assist you in interpreting your tax requirements and explain the tax implications or any potential negative consequences of various transactions. Most importantly, the attorneys at JEFFREY BURR can assist you in aligning your lifetime financial goals with efficient tax planning.

Many of the attorneys at JEFFREY BURR are also licensed CPAs or have earned advanced degrees in accounting or taxation. Because of our background in accounting and taxation, we understand the organizational structure of the IRS, are familiar with IRS practice and procedure, and are qualified to practice before the IRS. As attorneys, we are also familiar with the sources of federal tax law and understand the process of statutory interpretation. As such, we can assist with tax controversies, respond to IRS notices, or appeal IRS determinations.

With two convenient locations in the Las Vegas area, our offices are open Monday through Friday, from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. We also offer evening, weekend and off-site visits by appointment. Whether you need a good CPA or you need more advanced income tax planning, contact the Law Firm of JEFFREY BURR.

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