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Are you thinking of obtaining a guardianship in order to take better care of a loved one? If any type of guardianship issue has come up as part of the estate planning or estate administration process, we will protect your rights and help you understand how these issues fits into your overall picture.

When you have family members who are no longer able to physically take care of themselves or their financial affairs properly, you want to do everything you can to help. Whether these family members are in danger of hurting themselves, are unable to respond to their financial concerns, or are being taken advantage of in any way, you want to respond quickly and put a stop to it.

We help our Nevada clients obtain guardianship and protect their loved ones from a variety of risks. From grandparents raising grandchildren to grandchildren taking care of grandparents, we can help your family when you need to find solutions to become:

  • Guardian of the Person
  • Guardian of the Estate
  • Temporary Guardian

For some families, issues of guardianship arise as part of the probate process. We also help our clients work out plans for personal, financial and temporary guardianship as part of the estate planning process.

Our attorneys often serve as guardians ad litem for children in the state and federal courts of Nevada. As a public guardian in Clark County, we are familiar with the challenges facing children in court and we always look out for their best interests.

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If matters of custody or guardianship are an estate planning or administration concern of yours, we will make sure they are taken care of properly. Our two Las Vegas offices are open weekdays from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. We offer evening and weekend appointments as well.

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