Charitable Planning

Las Vegas Charitable Planning Attorneys

Most individuals wish to ensure that they have adequate assets to provide for their lifestyle during their lifetime, and to ensure their family's financial needs are met after their death. Beyond that common wish, many individuals have varying goals, which may include charitable objectives.

In addition to the obvious humanitarian and moral benefits of private philanthropy, charitable transfers have the potential to generate substantial federal income and estate tax savings. A wide variety of techniques may be used to maximize these saving opportunities. Individuals should not make important financial decisions, including the decision to make significant charitable contributions, without considering the effect they will have on their personal and family wealth planning.

Our attorneys can advise you on questions such as:

  • What will be the best way for me to provide for myself and for my family while still meeting my charitable objectives?
  • Should my charitable giving program be accomplished during life or postponed until death?
  • Should my charitable giving program be implemented through outright gifts or through deferred giving?
  • What will be the income, gift, and estate tax ramifications of my charitable giving program, and do I need to be concerned about the generation skipping transfer tax?

The attorneys at JEFFREY BURR are experienced in structuring outright gifts of cash or other assets to charitable organizations, as well as deferred giving vehicles. We can explain the benefits and drawbacks of utilizing different methods such as Bargain Sales, Gifts to Private Foundations, Charitable Remainder and Charitable Lead Trusts, Pooled Income Funds, and Donor Advised Funds, based on your individual needs and goals. Most importantly, we can advise you on how to integrate charitable giving into your overall financial and estate planning.

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