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Jeffrey Burr Named as Preferred Estate Planning Firm

We are pleased to announce that the law firm of Jeffrey Burr has been selected by Legacy Quest as its preferred estate planning provider. Attorneys at Jeffrey Burr were selected by Legacy Quest, from among their competitors, based upon the firm’s long-running reputation for providing high quality, specialized services in the estate planning area.

Legacy Quest offers the Legacy Planner, a system for preserving and shaping a person’s legacy. The Legacy Planner is a first-of-its-kind planning tool used to assists individuals in better organizing their personal and estate information. It provides a structure for helping record personal histories, memories and letters, and includes a system for assembling genealogical information, final plans and directives, and other important financial and estate documents. Legacy Quest was started in 2009 by Hyrum Smith, one of the founders of Franklin Covey, the company behind the Franklin Day Planner.

It is truly an honor for our firm to be recognized as the preferred estate planner by the renowned people behind this innovative company.