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Jeffrey Burr Attorney, David Grant, to Present at First Annual Southwest Tax Conference


Jeffrey Burr's director of Estate Planning, David Grant, presented a session on Grantor Trusts during the Nevada Society of CPA's first annual Southwest Tax Conference (for more info on the conference, click here: http://www.nevadacpa.org/Tax_Conference/Tax_main.htm).

Mr. Grant's presentation addressed the commonly used estate planning vehicle known as the grantor trust. Grantor trusts are powerful income and estate tax planning tools that clients commonly use to avoid probate, to manage the distribution and administration of their assets after death and/or to facilitate the transfer of wealth out of one’s estate for the ultimate benefit of another party while retaining the ability to pay any income taxes due on income earned by the trust’s assets. Although every estate plan is different, because grantor trusts are a very effective and flexible type of trust, they are often the trust of choice for the experienced estate planner.

To obtain a copy of the outline Mr. Grant used for his presentation, please contact our offices. Included as an exhibit in the Grantor Trust outline is an article on grantor trusts and their income tax filings options which was authored by Jeremy Cooper, an associate attorney with Jeffrey Burr. The article was published in the Silver State CPA Journal and can be read by clicking here and turning to page 10 of the Journal.